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How can nonprofits better connect with their donors and those they serve? Find out from experienced marketing professional Stephen J. Bailey, founder and owner of PH Digital. Effective marketing through social media can vastly improve engagement for nonprofit organizations and ensure the improtant work of your organization is shared with a broad audience. 


Suite Level Lounge
Parkview Field

1301 Ewing Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Don't Quit!!

September 21, 2021
12:00 p.m.

Speaker Bio:

Stephen J. Bailey

Owner & Founder, PH Digital

Stephen J. Bailey is the owner and founder of PH Digital, established in 2006, when he build his first website. He specializes in web development, SEO development, social media management, photo, drone, and video work, as well as digital marketing campaigns. His focus ranges from small business growth to economic development.

Working with roughly 30 organizations each month, on average, throughout northeast Indiana, Stephen is also engaged in the nonprofit sector personally. He's been a committee and board member to over 20 organizations, across northeast Indiana in the last eight years that focus on everything from community development to the local art scene, including the rebirth of downtown Fort Wayne.

His company, PH Digital, has won 15 awards in digital marketing for social media, web design, and storytelling. Outside his career, he loves the downtown food scene, kayaking on our rivers, and outdoor concerts.