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Bobcat of Fort Wayne

Nominated by
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo


We are delighted to nominate Bobcat of Fort Wayne for the Outstanding Corporation Award in recognition of their exemplary commitment to corporate social responsibility through their innovative partnership with the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

Wanting to take their long-standing partnership with the Zoo to new heights, earlier this year Bobcat of Fort Wayne approached the Zoo to explore a unique and creative new initiative. Taking a bold step, Bobcat proposed wrapping one of their E35 Compact Excavators with the Zoo’s branding, creating a mobile billboard that mutually benefits both organizations, promoting the zoo at construction projects and events throughout the region.

There are a few things that truly set this partnership apart. The first being the collaborative approach taken by Bobcat of Fort Wayne. They worked closely with the Zoo team to design the wrap for the excavator. This joint effort ensured the design effectively conveyed the message of partnership, seamlessly blending the worlds of construction equipment and wildlife. The result is a visually stunning and meaningful piece of machinery that serves as a constant reminder of their commitment to our community and its natural wonders.

The second highlight of this partnership is the commitment to donate 10% of rental proceeds from the zoo-branded excavator directly to support the Zoo’s mission. This significant contribution goes directly toward supporting the Zoo’s conservation efforts, animal wellbeing, and educational programs.

They even embarked on a public awareness campaign, leveraging their social media platforms, website, and customer interactions to promote the partnership. This initiative not only brings attention to the Zoo but also raises awareness about the importance of conservation efforts, and further supporting the Zoo’s mission.

The impact of Bobcat’s innovative partnership cannot be overstated. This multi-year commitment will not only provide valuable financial support to the Zoo but has also increased its visibility within the community. It’s even inspired other businesses to begin exploring new collaborations, fostering exciting possibilities. Bobcat’s willingness to think outside the box as they actively contribute to the betterment of their community has set a remarkable example for corporate partnerships within our region.

A testament to their forward-thinking approach to corporate social responsibility, Bobcat recognized an opportunity to align their business with a cause that not only resonated with their values but also positively impacted the region they serve. A shining example of corporate philanthropy at its finest, please consider Bobcat of Fort Wayne for this deserving recognition.

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