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CME Corp

Nominated by
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana


CME Corp has distinguished itself as a shining example of an organization that truly understands the profound impact it can have on the community it serves. Led by CEO Ryan Hellinger, a former Little Brother himself, CME Corp's commitment to philanthropy is deeply rooted in a personal connection to Big Brothers Big Sisters and a genuine desire to make a difference. 

Ryan's journey from being a Little Brother to the owner and CEO of CME Corp exemplifies the power of mentorship and personal growth. CME Corp's philanthropic history with BBBS started decades ago with small sponsorships and fundraising events like Bowl for Kids' Sake. Throughout the years, CME has encouraged its employees to donate, volunteer as Bigs, attend fundraisers, and form bowling teams for Bowl For Kids' Sake, with two separate CME bowlers pledging to raise $5,000 last year. Over time, their commitment grew, and today, under Ryan's leadership, they stand as a corporate community partner deeply embedded in the fabric of BBBS. 

Last year, CME Corp surprised BBBS with a generous $50,000 donation which played a fundamental role in getting our alumni program off the ground. The same year, Ryan's mother died, and Ryan and his sister, also a Little, asked for all memorials to be made to BBBS, turning a personal tragedy into an opportunity for more children to receive the type of mentorship and support that changed the Hellingers' lives. 

One remarkable instance of CME's philanthropic impact came this year during the Brad Miller Gala. CME planted a $20,000 sponsorship to help BBBS grow. Their belief in our potential was a catalyst for outstanding results. The event exceeded all expectations, raising a historic $1 million in a single night. Ryan's simple yet profound statement, "I believe in you," resonated throughout the event, inspiring participants to give more and push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. $1 million in a single night isn't just a first for the agency; it's also a first- time crowning achievement for the entire local area! 

CME's legacy of philanthropy totals out to $138,885 of donations since 1999. Their philanthropy has served as a beacon of inspiration for others, showing that through compassion, dedication, and simple belief, organizations like CME can create lasting, positive change in their communities.

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