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Gary Gerber

Nominated by
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo


We are thrilled to nominate Gary for the Outstanding Volunteer Award in recognition of his exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Since joining our volunteer team in 2019, Gary has continually demonstrated an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and selflessness, making a profound impact on our organization.

Gary’s contributions are nothing short of remarkable. In 2022 alone, he dedicated an impressive 863 hours of his time to support our mission. Even in the current year, by September 2023, he has already volunteered 812 hours, further solidifying his status as one of our most dedicated volunteers. His cumulative hours of service in his short tenure stand at an astonishing 3,542 hours – a testament to his unwavering commitment.

One area where Gary has truly shone is in his enthusiastic support of our horticulture department. Three to four times a week, he can be found tending to our gardens and botanical exhibits with meticulous care and attention. His passion for horticulture not only beautifies our Zoo but also educates and inspires our visitors about the importance of plant conservation and biodiversity.

It’s clear to see Gary’s dedication to the Zoo goes far beyond the numbers. He is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed, be it assisting in the Goat Yard, with educational camps, fundraising events, or any other vital tasks within our  organization. Gary’s warm and welcoming personality has
made him a beloved figure among our staff, visitors, and fellow volunteers. He embodies the spirit of volunteerism, and his presence has had a profoundly positive impact on our organization.

As a retired teacher, Gary possesses a unique set of skills and a passion for education that has greatly enriched our programs. In his volunteer application, he made this statement, “We are all guardians of the earth’s wildlife. By educating the citizens of the world, of their benefits to mankind and their plight in the world. Hopefully, we can lessen the number of animals on the endangered list and add no new ones.” We think this sums up Gary’s personal mission as well as why we are truly fortunate to have Gary as a member of our volunteer team and Zoo family.


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