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Dianne & Gregg Sengstack

Nominated by
Stillwater Hospice


Gregg and Dianne have generously supported Stillwater Hospice for over 10 years with their talent, treasure, and time.  Dianne serves on our Development Committee and Foundation Board.  She is also a committed volunteer who sits at our patients’ bedside, assists at Hospice Home, sings with our Threshold Choir, and helps with Watchful Passage.  As a Watchful Passage Volunteer, Dianne provides a presence for patients actively dying in hospice care who may not have any family or friends who can be with their loved ones. 

Gregg and Dianne have assisted with fundraising events, including Holiday Memorial Tree, which gathers individuals from our community to pause to reflect and remember those they have loved and lost. In addition, Gregg and Dianne provided a donation to allow for Stillwater Hospice to have a staff respite room, which is equipped with a massage chair, water feature, and comfortable furniture for our staff to seek “respite” when they are in need of stepping away from their emotional and hard work. 

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