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Instrumental Machine and Developments

Nominated by
Early Childhood Alliance


IMD is taking charge to help with the current childcare crisis. They noticed that many staff members were not able to find or afford high-quality childcare, so they stepped in and helped. IMD bought a home and, with ECA's help, was able to transform it into a pristine early learning site. To take it even further, IMD pays half the tuition rate for each employee's child enrolled in the program. 

Embracing the belief that play is the foundation of growth, at the IMD Learning Center, an environment has been crafted to cater to a child's innate curiosity and early development. Little ones become culinary maestros in the Toy Kitchen Corner; Children's imaginations take flight as they delve into a colorful array of arts and crafts activities including finger painting and creating masterpieces with clay in the creative corners.

Thanks to IMD, there are now 12 more spots for childcare available in Warsaw for families with children ages six weeks to five years old. Early Childhood Alliance is thrilled to have a successful partnership with employees who have access to high-quality early childhood education.

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