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Jessica Palmer

Nominated by
Destiny Rescue


Raising over $100,000 since 2015 to rescue kids around the world from sexual exploitation and human trafficking, Jessica Pamer is a hero to so many people, locally and globally.

In Jessica’s words: “The Sale That Saves started as a crazy idea... after finding out about Destiny Rescue, we knew that doing nothing wasn’t an option for us. So I gathered my closest family and friends and we tossed around ideas to raise money, things like a car wash or bake sale... and that’s when it hit me. I have always loved to garage sale, and I knew for a fact that EVERYONE has a closet full of stuff that they don’t even remember buying and wouldn’t miss if they got rid of, so I just kind of put the two together.”

Amidst life challenges and ups and downs over the course of almost a decade, Jessica has relentlessly rescued kids, one donated item at a time. To meet Jessica is to meet an incredibly kind and passionate individual. We, at Destiny Rescue, thank Jessica for her faithful years of support in partnership with us to rescue kids and help them stay free!

Jessica shares her “secrets to success” in fundraising: “Our “secret” to our annual fundraiser success? God. Persistence. Faithfulness. Determination. Creativity.”

She further offers this advice in fundraising: “Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and bounce ideas off of each other constantly! Your crew is SO important, so make sure you surround yourself with a great one! Everyone you know has their own circle of influence, don’t be afraid to call on them to use that influence to help rescue more children.”

A woman of action, Jessica stated, “Remember that just being angry [about an injustice] isn’t enough. It takes action to create REAL change and 100% effort to make your actions effective....It has been such an honor to partner with Destiny Rescue in this fight!”

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