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Dr. John Crawford

Nominated by
Questa Education Foundation


Dr. John Crawford stood out as an exceptional philanthropist whose advocacy and generosity have made an indelible mark on the Fort Wayne community. His resolute commitment to addressing the issue of "Brain Drain" and nurturing local talent reflects his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to creating positive change.

In 2005, as Fort Wayne faced the alarming trend of losing college graduates, Dr. Crawford emerged as a catalyst for transformation. He recognized that the departure of graduates meant a loss of vital resources for economic growth. With his insightful mantra, "Demographics are destiny," he not only highlighted the challenge but proactively sought solutions.

At the heart of his efforts was the innovative "brain gain" program, a testament to his proactive approach. This initiative aimed to reverse the trend by offering to alleviate college debt for graduates specializing in areas critical to the city's growth, such as advanced manufacturing, information technology, and biomedical engineering.

Dr. Crawford's partnership with the Questa Education Foundation further amplified the impact of his philanthropic endeavors. Inspired by Dr. Crawford’s “Brain gain” program, Questa developed the “half-back loan program." This program incentivized graduates to return to northeast Indiana after completing their education, offering them 50% loan forgiveness to live and work in the region.

Beyond policy and program implementation, Dr. Crawford's personal commitment spoke volumes. His decision to donate his entire city council salary to Questa showcased his dedication to the cause. Even after his tenure on the City Council, his continued contributions demonstrated a lasting commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering educational opportunities. 

The legacy the late Dr. Crawford leaves is a testament to his passion for empowering individuals and strengthening the community. His initiatives directly impacted over 200 local students, helping to shape a skilled workforce and create a sustainable future for our region. In fact, a remarkable 75% of Questa graduates chose to remain in the region, a testament to the enduring influence of his work.

The late Dr. John Crawford's philanthropic journey is a shining example of how one individual's advocacy, generosity, and leadership can bring about transformative change. His efforts have not only reversed a concerning trend but have also sown the seeds for a vibrant and promising future for Fort Wayne. It is with the utmost enthusiasm that we nominate Dr. John Crawford as an outstanding philanthropist whose legacy will continue to inspire and uplift the community for generations to come.

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