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Julie & Bob Grabill

Nominated by
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana


The Grabills began their journey with BBBS in 2010 when they attended the agency's Gourmet Dinner, a signature event. Introduced to BBBS by Big Brother Rick McCampbell, their experience at the dinner, where they met Littles currently in the program, left an indelible mark on them. Inspired by the agency's mission to empower the potential of the youth they serve, the Grabills decided to become active supporters. 

What sets Bob and Julie apart is their quiet, humble approach to philanthropy. They shun the limelight, preferring to remain anonymous and eschewing the right to plaster their names or logos on BBBS displays. Their motivation is rooted in their genuine desire to strengthen their community. 

Bob and Julie consistently attend all of BBBS' fundraisers and generously donate to support the agency's vital work. They actively encourage others to join them in their philanthropic efforts, firmly believing that anyone with resources should give back in a way that aligns with their own capabilities and passions: if you can't be a Big yourself, Bob often says, the least you can do is give. 

One remarkable testament to the Grabills' commitment occurred this year, marking the first time in 13 years that they couldn't attend the Brad Miller Gala. Bob had surgery out-of-state and was still recovering in the hospital when the Gala occurred. But this physical absence did nothing to deter the Grabills' philanthropic spirit. Just ten minutes before the event began, Bob called BBBS' events coordinator to apologize for his absence and express his desire to contribute. From his hospital bed, he pledged $5,000 and challenged other donors to match his commitment. 

Not stopping there, Bob went the extra mile by arranging for a proxy to bid on auction items on his behalf, ensuring that his absence did not hinder BBBS' fundraising efforts. When friends reached out to inquire about his plans for the Gala, Bob's response was resolute: "Don't worry, I'm going to do my part." 

Since their initial involvement in 2010, Bob and Julie Grabill have donated a staggering $189,285 to BBBS. Their decade-long dedication is marked by selflessness, purpose, and a genuine commitment to BBBS' mission. 

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