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Partner's 1st Federal Credit Union

Nominated by
Fort Wayne Museum of Art

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Joe Jengten is the VP of Marketing at Partners 1st Federal Credit Union.  Joe and his team at Partners 1st FCU have been strategically and selflessly involved in FWMoA Chalk Walk for the last 8 years, even through the Pandemic.


Joe has built the partnership of a lifetime with FWMoA and the annual Chalk Walk event!  Joe joined forces with the Museum 5 years ago as the Title Sponsor and Water Bottle Sponsor.  The sponsorship is the largest annual corporate sponsorship in the Museum’s financials.  Not only is the investment significant, the time, energy, and volunteerism is monumental.  Joe single handedly secured 4 pallets of water to hydrate the thousands of visitors that walk Main Street the weekend of Chalk Walk.  Plus, he comes early to set up, with a team of volunteers and handles all the logistics of his sponsorship.  Together, we have built an amazing operation that the entire community can enjoy! 

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