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Dr. Robert Godley

Nominated by
Parkview Foundation


With a deep commitment to making a positive impact in and outside of Parkview Dr. Godley has dedicated his time resources and expertise to various philanthropic endeavors. Dr. Godley’s philanthropic work extends beyond direct medical care, he has been instrumental in supporting research and innovation at the Parkview Mirro Research Center. He is someone who takes an active investment in the organizations that he supports, he not only volunteers his time, but he has a generous heart to serve others. Desiring change to build stronger philanthropic partnerships with physicians Dr. Godley was influential in creating the Parkview Physician Philanthropy Council, engaging current and retired physicians throughout the region. Dr. Godley was responsible for the formation of the Council and securing its members as well as outlining its goals. Through this council Dr. Godley actively advocates for philanthropy and encourages other physicians to get involved and give back to support patients, coworkers, and our community. In his time at Parkview, Dr. Godley has served on various department sub committees and boards. Dr. Godley has taken a leadership role in articulating the importance of philanthropy at Parkview, specifically, patients that want to support the hospital as part of their family’s healing process. He was eager to seek out and advocate for training on building a culture of philanthropy in the hospital environment, advocating for the engagement of the Council with national Grateful Patient expert Dr. Clifford Harris, to assist the council with understanding that generosity often aids in the healing of patients and their families. As chair of the PPC, in 2022, Dr. Godley spearheaded retired physician’s events, which included three luncheons over the last year aimed at bringing retired Parkview physicians together to learn about current research and innovations happening at Parkview. Dr. Godley has spent time reviewing invite lists, calling, and visiting retired physicians to invite them to the events. He has also worked with Foundation staff on the event program logistics, serving as co-host for the events alongside Dr. Mirro.

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