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Savannah Dize

Nominated by
Destiny Rescue


Savannah is a humble, joyful servant. As a young adult, she has poured out her heart and life to serve middle and high school students to empower them to know who they are and live up to their highest potential. Savannah’s heart for youth doesn’t stop locally but expands to the nations. In the summer of 2022, Savannah felt called to help rescue 100 kids from human trafficking and sexual exploitation through partnering with Destiny Rescue and its youth fundraising initiative, RescueOp1/20.

Savannah started the She Has a Name campaign and has empowered
students to join in fighting for kids. The campaign has expanded beyond what Savannah could have imagined—spanning multiple youth groups, churches and colleges, all working together to, as they say, “Fight for the one(hundred).” 

Savannah and the team have poured their hearts into multiple events such as a silent auction, garage sale and color run—spreading awareness and raising funds.

Students are advocating for the cause on their social media, selling
handmade bracelets and t-shirts, and sharing their passion to see 100 kids rescued to encourage donations to the cause.

The students also pause and pray every day at 1:20 p.m. (due to the name RescueOp1/20) to pray for kids who are enslaved around the world and pray for Destiny Rescue staff as they find and rescue these girls and help empower their long-term freedom.

It takes $1,500 to rescue one child and begin her path to freedom. To date, the She Has a Name campaign has rescued 61 kids from the horror of a life in trafficking and exploitation. And we know they will continue to press on toward their goal of 100.

Through Savannah’s leadership, compassion and commitment, the She Has a Name campaign has united a community of youth to passionately play their part in making a significant difference in the world.

What makes Savannah unique is her driven, enthusiastic heart and
willingness to put in the work. Whether a student or child is her next-door neighbor or a child being trafficked across the world, her heart is to fight for their good with all that she is.


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