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Jay Link

Stewardship Coach

Taylor University

CGPNEI and AFP NE IN Planned Giving Seminar 2022 with Mr. Jay Link

What to Expect:

8am-Registration + breakfast*

8:30am-Session for All Gift Planners:

Overcoming the Barriers to Generosity: The Big Five

10:15am-Sessions for Advanced Gift Planners and Legal and Financial Advisors:

• The Three Questions every Family Must Answer Before They Can Do Comprehensive Planning

• Helping Families Evaluate Where They are in Their Planning

• Stop Writing Checks: Ten Creative Giving Strategies for your Toolbox

• Real Case Studies – Before and After


2:00pm-Sessions for Legal/ Financial Advisors and Advanced Gift Planners

• The Five Phase Stewardship Planning Process

• Combining Tools to Optimize Planning Outcomes

3:30pm-Closing Q & A session for All Attendees

4:00pm-end of session

*Please note that breakfast and lunch are both included in your registration fee.

Suite Level Lounge
Parkview Field

1301 Ewing Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Also available virtually.

presented with CGPNI

August 25, 2022
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Meet Your Presenter

Mr. Jay Link

Stewardship Coach

Taylor University

For 35 years, E. G. “Jay” Link ran his own Family Wealth Counseling firm focusing on high-net-worth Christian families. Over his career he developed master stewardship plans for his clients that enabled them to increase their giving by well over one billion dollars. Over his career he personally trained and mentored hundreds of attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and fund raisers how to provide these planning services to their families.

Mr. Link sold his practice in 2014 and subsequently was recruited by Taylor University to build a stewardship planning ministry within their advancement department. In just the first four years of work there, he has already been able to secure almost $15 million in current gifts for Taylor and has shown the families he has served that they have an additional $250 million more to give over the rest of their lives and at their deaths.

Mr. Link has written six books and hundreds of articles. He created a comprehensive Stewardship Resource Library website ( that contains most of his life’s work. Many professionals considered him one of the nation’s leading experts and one of the most persuasive teachers on charitable planning. He has designed plans for families that increased their giving capacity by over $1.4 billion, and has taught and spoken internationally.


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